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4NCHA Breeding Program & FUTURITY

Breeding program 4NCHA

All horses that have paid for the 4NCHA breeding program can compete at the 4NCHA Futurity.

Futurity will organize each year Open class for 3-year-old horses and Non Pro class for 4-year-old horses.

The owner and rider must be both members of 4NCHA and in the case of an NCHA approved show, also members of the NCHA, no later than on the day of the race.

The Futurity will be held under the NCHA rules and the prizes will be paid according to the NCHA tables.

Futurity class will not be NCHA approved if less than three riders are registered.

In that case, the class will be opened as 4NCHA futurity and the money will be divided accordingly:
- 2 riders- 1st place 60% 2nd place 40%¨
- 1 rider-1st place 100% if he scores at least 60,5 points

If there are no horses registered in a certain year, the winnings will be transferred to the next two years in a ratio of 50% and 50%.

Each starting horse must also pay show fees such as cattle charge, office charge and so on.
If 4NCHA sets two rounds in the futurity class, the scores will be totaled and then the winnings will be divided according to the NCHA rules.

The amount of money that will be collected for a certain futurity show year in a breeding program will always be distributed in the winnings.

This prize money will be divided into Open and Non Pro classes in the ratio of 65% and 35%.

Applications need to be sent to the email address


and the registration money need to be transffered to the account CZ26 2010 0000 0021 0089 3327.

After receiving the application and the payment, the horse will be included in the program. The number of registered horses and the amount of acquired money will be published on the 4NCHA website.

Contact person Milan Klimčík +421905228824.

Fees All fees must be paid by the end of December of the year in which the horse is registered.

The fees are one-time payments and vary according to the age of the horse at which it will be registered to the program, as follows:
- Weanlings (horses that have not completed 12 months of age that year) - 100 EUR
- Yearlings (horses that have not completed 24 months of age that year) - 200 EUR
- Two-year-olds (horses that have not completed 36 months of age that year) - 500 EUR
- Three-year-olds (horses that are more than 36 months old) - a fine of 1000 EUR, this fine will also apply to 4-year-old horses that will not be in the program and did not start as 3-year-olds in the Open category.

Since 2027 we will have bronze trophies for each Open and Nonpro classes, which will be bought from the futurity funds, if we will not be able to find a sponsor.

One brozne trophy will gain a rider with the highest score alltogether and another one will get a rider with the highest score whose horse was born in one of the 4NCHA countries (Slovakia, Czech republic, Hungary or Poland).

Because the program was created in 2024, the horses that were born before (2020,2021,2022,2023) will be enlisted in to the program for a fee 100 EUR which need to be paid by the and of may 2024.


The association is founded under the name 4NCHA, o.s., the seat of the association is Dědinská 893/29, 161 00 PRAGUE 6.

Our affiliation of the American NCHA was established on October 15, 2009 in order to support cutting as a western equestrian sport. The means to achieve this goal are:

  • Support of cutting sport
  • Organization of competitions at the national and international level
  • Support for young people interested in cutting

Our affiliation brings together over 50 members from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, interested in the sport of cutting: riders, breeders, coaches, owners of cutting horses, fans and lovers of this sport.

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