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4NCHA, o. s.
Dědinská 893/29
161 00 PRAHA 6
Email: 4NCHA.eu@gmail.com

Karel Spáčil

GSM: +420 728 133 404
Czech, English

Show organizer in the Czech Republic.

Anton Kondela

GSM: +421 917 231 426
Email: kondelaanton@gmail.com
Slovak, English

Show organizer in Slovakia.

Szabolcs Katona

GSM: +363 09228502
Hungarian, English

Show organizer in Hungary.

Show secretary
Lucie Ledecká

GSM:+420 733 715 659
Email: ledecka.lucie@seznam.cz
Czech, English


The association is founded under the name 4NCHA, o.s., the seat of the association is Dědinská 893/29, 161 00 PRAGUE 6.

Our affiliation of the American NCHA was established on October 15, 2009 in order to support cutting as a western equestrian sport. The means to achieve this goal are:

  • Support of cutting sport
  • Organization of competitions at the national and international level
  • Support for young people interested in cutting

Our affiliation brings together over 50 members from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, interested in the sport of cutting: riders, breeders, coaches, owners of cutting horses, fans and lovers of this sport.

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