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Results 1st RBC Show, Weglöhner & Schmidt QH, Gundelsheim, Germany, 12. -13. 6. 2021

We have the first of the RBC shows 2021 series behind us, on which a large group of riders from the Czech Republic and Slovakia came to compete. For some of them, it was the first start of this season.

Congratulations to all on beautiful scores and placements! We present the best ones here, you can find the overall results in the link Shows-Results 2021, or directly on this link.

NCHA USA Cutting Open

1st place – DUAL REY TR, rider: Kateřina Spáčilová, score 74

DUAL REY TR rider Kateřina SpáčilováDUAL REY TR rider Kateřina Spáčilová

3th place – RUMER HAS IT, rider: Karel Spáčil, score 72

RUMER HAS IT rider Karel SpáčilRUMER HAS IT rider Karel Spáčil

5th place - CAT N JERRY, rider: Anton Kondela, score 71,5

CAT N JERRY rider Anton KondelaCAT N JERRY rider Anton Kondela

NCHA USA $25000 NH

2rd place – PUT HIM HYDRIVE, rider: Anton Kondela, score 71

PUT HIM HYDRIVE rider Anton KondelaPUT HIM HYDRIVE rider Anton Kondela

5th place – ARANGO BOOGIE, rider: Katerina Spáčilová, score 68

ARANGO BOOGIE rider Kateřina SpáčilováARANGO BOOGIE rider Kateřina Spáčilová

NCHA USA $15000 LTD Amt

1st place - TRAVALEN CAT, rider: Roman Plavka, score 71

TRAVALEN CAT rider Roman PlavkaTRAVALEN CAT rider Roman Plavka

2nd place – SHELBY FIRST, rider: Milan Klimčik, score 70

SHELBY FIRST rider Milan KlimčikSHELBY FIRST rider Milan Klimčik

NCHA USA Cirquit $5000 NH

1st place - COLOR SPOONFUL, rider: Anton Kondela, score 71

COLOR SPOONFUL rider Anton KondelaCOLOR SPOONFUL rider Anton Kondela

NCHA USA Cirquit $2000 LTD Rider Any Horse

2nd place - CAT SPOONFULL, rider: Jakub Kvackaj, score 70,5

CAT SPOONFULL rider Jakub KvackajCAT SPOONFULL rider Jakub Kvackaj

NCHA USA and RBC Cirquit $1000 LTD Amt

1st place – STARLIGHT SCORPION, rider: Petr Čtrnáctý, score 71

STARLIGHT SCORPION rider Petr ČtrnáctýSTARLIGHT SCORPION rider Petr Čtrnáctý

NCHA USA Cirquit Youth

2nd place place – SILVER MAGIC TUCKER, rider: Barbora Čtrnáctá, score 69

SILVER MAGIC TUCKER rider Barbora ČtrnáctáSILVER MAGIC TUCKER rider Barbora Čtrnáctá


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