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News of Europe NCHA Area 26

On Saturday, 1/24 Anton Kondela and Karel Spáčil attended the encounter presidents and members of the European NCHA affiliate. We bring you a short summary of Anton Kondela:


At 24 .1 Anton Kondela and Karel Spacil take a part at Area 26 meeting of prezidents and members of european ncha afficalitons.

Results and informations from meeting:

Ncha of usa will sponzor european championship finals with 15 000 usd. Plus every 2 dollars from every start will stay in NCHA of Europe.

Finals od Championsgip will take a place at equita Lyon or Fiera Cavalli Verona they will decide it till end of february

There should be limited novice class in european championship (direstors will discuss it).

In point system of championship will approved show get double points compare to grassroots shows.

From every start 1 euro will go to NCHA to Europe to cover the costs of cattle charge at finals for class youth ( we have to support class youth).

First European Futurity will be at 2016 ( there is discusion about details)

Karel Spacil become one of directors of area 26 so he will be reprezent this part of europe

C&S NCHA had prezentacion about Silverstone Western Cup, Czech and Slovak breeding program and C&S NCHA Futurity, Hortobagy cup Hungary at 9. - 10. 7. - The NCHA of Italy will try to change the date of NCHA Summer classic which is the same as Hortobagy cup.

Everybody liked the C&S NCHA activity.

C&S NCHA will continue to cooperate with NCHA of Europe.

Thank you.

Have a nice day,Anton Kondela, Prezident C&S NCHA

Summary of the meeting in English also appeared on the Web site NCHA Europe Area 26.

Please note that there are some rule changes concerning membership at the NCHA US. The Show Calendar for this year is online

Scoring for qualifying for the European Championship NCHA:

This year we will have NCHA European Champions in the Open, Non Pro, Amateur $ 15000, Youth.and Limit $5000 Novice Horse classes. All european NCHA approved Shows as well as all european Grass Roots Cuttings will be considered for the ranking. For a Grass Roots Cutting riders will get single points and for a Weekend Show they get double points.

The 25 riders plus ties with the most points on September 30th 2016 in each class have qualified for the NCHA European Championship. In the Open class the horse gets the points Since the AREA 26 has a rule that a Non Pro is allowed to ride two (2) horses in a Non Pro class with less than $ 199 in added money, the rider only gets points for his best result. You can find this rule here (scroll down until the yellow text) BUT YOU CAN ONLY RIDE ONE HORSE AT THE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP!!! a 0 score and a 60 don’t get points. The Ranking will be published on this website and updated regularly.

Ranking points gained will be regularly published on the web page NCHA European Championship results.


The association is founded under the name 4NCHA, o.s., the seat of the association is Dědinská 893/29, 161 00 PRAGUE 6.

Our affiliation of the American NCHA was established on October 15, 2009 in order to support cutting as a western equestrian sport. The means to achieve this goal are:

  • Support of cutting sport
  • Organization of competitions at the national and international level
  • Support for young people interested in cutting

Our affiliation brings together over 50 members from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, interested in the sport of cutting: riders, breeders, coaches, owners of cutting horses, fans and lovers of this sport.

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