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Summary of Hortobagy Classic cup 2016

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In the heart of Hungarian ,,puszta“ was on the 8th of July held the second NCHA and the first ERHA approved show in Hungary. This event was organized by the Hortobagyi Ltd. in cooperation with the Czech & Slovak NCHA. It was also the 50th aniversary of the Hortobagyi Lovasnapok.
Hortobagyi Lovasnapok is an equesterian festival organized by the hungarian state company Hortobagyi Ltd. Over 20 000 people came to cheer for over 400 horses competing in different disciplines. This horse festival celebrates hungarian horsemen competing in their traditional disciplines plus many other riders competing in more recent disciplines such as show jumping, dressage, cutting or working cowhorse. This show takes a place in a center of Hortobagyi national park. It is the largest protected area in Hungary and the largest semi-natural grassland in Europe. Hortobagyi national park is also recognized as the part of the UNESCO World Heritage. This park is a genetic fond of hungarian nonius horses, Przewalski´s horses, water buffalos and a home of 3 000 head of hungarian grey cattle. It is an ancient breed of domestic beef cattle indigenous to Hungary. They are robust, unpretentious, easy-calving and long-lived. Their horns are directed upward and they are long and curved. This cattle is also used in a show for cutting.
The general sponsor of the cutting and working cowhorse show was the Hortobagy Ltd.(12 000 eur added money). Another sponsors were Silvertone ranch from Czech Republic (1000 € added money), Bob cat and the Ariat company.

The event start at 7th of july. After the arrive the competitors enjoyed the safari in Hortobagy national park. At 18:00 starts the practice pen with over 30 starts.

The tree days show start at 8th of july with classes Open, Non pro, Limited 5 000 novice horse, Derby 4 years Open, Classic non pro 5/6 years old, Limited 15 000 Amateur, youth. The judges Tom Neel (AAAA- USA) and Hans Kuhn (AAA – Germany) judged on this show nearly 200 runs in cutting and working cowhorse.
Every class in cutting had two days the rider with composite top score become the champions. At sunday there were Jackpot Open and Non pro for these classes organiser use the tradition hungarian grey cattle.

There is future for our sport in Hortobagy the World-class equestrian center will be built in Hortobágy-Máta, preparation of planning has already begun - announced Sándor Fazekas, Minister of Agriculture Hungary on July 9 at the opening ceremony of the 50th Hortobágy Equestrian Day. The Hortobagy classic cup 2018 should hopefuly take a place at new equestrian center.

European cutters on Hortobagy Classic cup 2016 People from different countries with the same Passion
The C&S NCHA would like to say big Thank you to Hortobagyi Ltd. for organizing and sponsoring this event as well as to all the other sponsors: Silverstone ranch, Bob cat, Ariat. We would also like to thank all the riders for participating and to congratulate all the champions. You showed top cutting horses of Europe in Hortobagy and showed the crowd what cutting is about. You did very nice promotion to our sport. Thank you.
Executive director
Anton Kondela
















The association is founded under the name 4NCHA, o.s., the seat of the association is Dědinská 893/29, 161 00 PRAGUE 6.

Our affiliation of the American NCHA was established on October 15, 2009 in order to support cutting as a western equestrian sport. The means to achieve this goal are:

  • Support of cutting sport
  • Organization of competitions at the national and international level
  • Support for young people interested in cutting

Our affiliation brings together over 50 members from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, interested in the sport of cutting: riders, breeders, coaches, owners of cutting horses, fans and lovers of this sport.

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